Windows 7 Professional Full Version Free Download ISO [32-64Bit]


The Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Full Version Free Download direct link is made available to the users of Softlay. This is the Official Windows 7 Professional ISO Download with service pack 1 (SP1) from MSDN with the Windows 7 product key. Softlay gives the free single-click direct download of Windows 7 Professional ISO full version for both 32 bit and 64 bit. Download Original Windows 7 Professional ISO (SP1) from Microsoft.

Windows 7 Professional ISO DvD box LogoBy: Microsoft Inc.
License: Full Version
File Size: 3.09 GB
Updated: 22/02/2011
Version: 7 Professional
Windows 7 Professional ISO DvD box LogoBy: Microsoft Inc.
License: Full Version
File Size: 2.38 GB
Updated: 22/02/2011
Version: 7 Professional

Windows 7 Professional Full Version Free Download

Windows 7 Professional Download Free Full Version 32 & 64 bit Review

Windows 7 Professional being a major release from the Microsoft Windows has been made available by the Microsoft in Six different editions (Starter, Home basic, Enterprise, Home premium, Professional and Ultimate) These all are widely used and made available at retailers. So if you are in need to optimize PC speed and getting the best performance you must be downloading the windows 7 Professional free full version operating system.

Key Features of Windows 7

Windows 7 Professional that has enhanced the movies and functionality of photo slide show which helps you enjoy playing HD movies on window media center. Image effects are known to be amazing and intriguing also have an incomparable desktop navigation. Nonetheless, the significant feature of windows 7 is its firewall that has become more than ever secure and outbound firewall rules. windows 7 widgets are one of the key features in this version; however, a strong feature of upgrading is available and the new windows 10 allows you to directly update from windows 7 to the latest version as well as to an new world of Microsoft Windows 8.

How To Install Windows 7 From ISO Image

After you successfully downloaded windows 7 ISO file. Save it on your PC. Follow the tutorial about Windows 7 Pro USB Installation. The steps to install windows 7 are simple and easy. Comment here if you face any issues during windows 7 Pro ISO download or installation.

We at recommend this Spyware or Virus free and secure Windows 7 Professional Full Version Free Download.

Operating System Requirements

  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Hard disk space: 15GB available
  • Video card: 1366 × 768 screen resolution; DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver
  • Connectivity: Internet access (fees may apply)

Microsoft account required for some features. Watching DVDs requires separate playback software.

Disclaimer – do not Provide any Product Key or license Key for activation of Windows 7 Professional.

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  • leo

    can’t download the windows 7 professional, its giving the error cannot download the file because timeout
    details: cannot connect to

    • Plz Try again

    • aiden

      if you are using chrome click on details then click VISIT WEBPAGE.

  • Silent 3D

    Not Wroking!!

    • Hi Silent 3D Download links are working fine.

      • Darkman

        Is 64Bit Can upload 32 Bit Please..

      • hpinvent

        its taking long to download 3days ??????????????

        • Gilbert J. Straight

          Mine is About 300 KB/s I got about 750 MB in 1 hour and still going

          • Gilbert we are upgrading our servers. After up-gradation every connection will receive minimum 1MB/s download speed or higher.

          • Gilbert J. Straight

            Its My Connection problem not Softlays Problem

          • Gilbert Straight

            No it wasn’t upgraded I Need to move My Computer Closer to the WI FI is what it is

          • waqif

            hi sir how can u download it in one hour?


    I have downloaded Windows 7 32-bit Professional ISO file and installed. Where do I get the product key ?


    I have downloaded and installed Windows 7 32-bit ISO. Where do I find the product key ?

    • You can use your windows Product key. If you don’t have it go buy it or use windows as trial version.

  • Scott Moerke

    very slow speed i have the max highest internet speed and still shows 18 or 2 days left

  • Nitesh Rana

    Download it from at high speed

  • 689

    Is this Windows 7 SP1?

  • Hi Bluepig2 Please check now

  • Phillip

    Hi there, will this ISO work with an OEM Windows professional SP1 x64 product key? It is for a new installation on a brand new assembled PC without any OS.
    (Some ISO files are retail only I believe)

  • trash, as expected

  • D3

    Hi, can any mod fix Window 7 64 bit download?. the connection has slow down at 2.4gb.

  • lilian sejko

    7 hr 17 min remaining! is that possible? the hrs are actually going up, up from 3hr 40 something min. should I cancel? how much is this going to cost me in wifi charges?

    • Hello lilian sejko
      Use Internet download manager for fast download.

      • lilian sejko

        tks, good to know this. found software disk that came with computer.

  • Tomas

    Does this work with oem prod key or only retail?

    • We haven’t tried it with OEM key but I think it should work with it.

  • vektro

    does it support swedish language?

    • it is English version. We are working on providing Windows in different languages. Go with Windows 7 Ultimate.

    • giz

      you can install this then install the swedish language pack

  • Yuri

    seed plz !!!!!

    • It may be your internet speed. We provide high speed direct downloads.

  • Hello Hisham use Internet download manager for faster download speed

  • Cheap Product

    No doubt, As Windows 7 is the most recommended OS, Which through user can do almost all work without any problem, Where I recommend you to activate your OS being purchased its license key from: Which is distributing license for almost all types of Microsoft Products. I personally use it and have a good experience.

  • Kim Fry

    do i need kms activator ?

  • This is not right place to talk about win xp. first create a bootable cd

  • Sandi we have deployed high performance dedicated servers for speed. Hope you enjoy download experience with us

    • sandi alm

      your welcome Mrs. Zaibe and Thanks for the dedication, now i can use win 7 pro with my serial number, i buy ori from microsoft thx

  • Zhen Azhari Al – Ikhsan


    Is it a full version ? I need Win7 on my Mac and install it using Bootcamp.

    Btw, thanks for the sharing.

    • It is untouched windows 7 professional ISO version, you can use it through bootcamp to install it on Mac

  • Have you tried internet download manager for high speeds

  • Rihan true

    hey thanx for that but inside

    Product Key option ?

  • nOOb

    So, where i can dowlnoad it??!!

    • Vanessa Garsson

      Does it works?

  • Spirit In Motion

    Thank you so much for the iso download of windows 7 but its asking for activation key

  • Spirit In Motion

    The windows xp sp3 worked perfectly thank you

  • Indeed this ISO download is for those people who have their original windows Product key. This ISO is not meant to give crack or distribute pirate copy of windows. If you have original license key then this windows ISO will work otherwise you can use this as trial for 30 days.

  • jdms

    windows7 compatible with INTEL HD GRAPHICS?

  • @Zaibe:disqus Can we activate this windows using KMSpico?

    • I guess yes, but i am not sure about it

      • @Zaibe:disqus okey thanks, I will try this & share about it

      • @Zaibe:disqus Is it updated to latest updates??

        • NO this is untouched official ISO

          • Cost of Official activated windows is approx 150$ . You mean this is also official & same as original copy but it’s inactivated only trial? because there is so many scam over the internet related to original Windows. And please explain “untouched” refers to? @Zaibe

          • Untouched simply means no change of files in windows package. We share original copy inactivated or trial, If you have key you can activate windows. Please keep in mind that windows is licensed product we don’t have legal right to share pirated or modified copy of windows. We do not share or promote ways to crack windows.

          • @Zaibe:disqus Thanks so much for paying your attention towards my comments & clearing my confusions. Well your windows working fine but only hanging problems is there for sometimes. And your windows is not installing via pendrive but installing only through DVD. Any reason behind all of these things ?

          • Addison Mcdaniel

            The Download file is in iso format, It runs on boot from DVD only.

  • Yes i guess but i am not sure about it, try out

  • Is it updated upto latest updates?

  • Abdelrhman Adel

    is this support windows updates ??

  • I tried to install it via Pen-drive it was showing an error, but when I burn it into DVD then it worked, any particular reason behind that? @@Zaibe:disqus

  • sumesh chandran

    booting through usb but after microsoft logo screen, scree go black with mouse pointer.

  • Patrick

    Does it work if i Install this OS using USB? plss reply ASAP

    • Yes you can, create a bootable USB to install windows 7

  • sean


  • Ingrid Lie

    Hi I recently installed a Windows 7 pro sp1 which I bought online. But this comes with the windows update kb976902 which is a disaster and it can’t be uninstalled since it is from the installation dvd. I suspect it cause Windows update to be checking for update forever. Anyway does this version of sp1 refers to that kb976902?

    • As long as you have valid license key you can download and install untouched official windows ISO files from

  • Diego Rolando

    exelente pagina…sigan asi

  • Lawrence Berlinski Sr.

    ?Can I use my Microsoft XP product key to activate Win7

    • No you can’t use XP key to activate windows 7

  • konathala tharun babu

    i have an msdn subscription but my account has expired on april but i have my own product key can i use the product key to ur os that which i wanted to download pls reply to my comment…..

  • disk not burn what can i do


  • You can choose between following options
    1) Ask the company to downgrade the windows 10 to Win 7 or Win 8.
    2)Install Windows 7 on your computer as Dual Boot, you can use windows 7 or windows 8 in trial mode.
    3)Buy windows 7 or 8 product keys from third party sources and activate your copy with them. ( Authenticity of these keys are questionable )

    My suggestion is to download windows 7 from and use this in trail mode . If you need more help feel free to ask

  • Sushant Kadam

    Product key? Win7 32 bit

  • aggabagga

    If I install this version of 7 on my Vista laptop but I can’t find my product key after the free trial, can I go back to Vista?

    • Gilbert J. Straight

      You can always reinstall it

  • aragami


  • yty

    will installing the windows 7 64bit iso file clear all my datas?

  • Joseph

    well windows 8 is free all you have to do is get the iso for win8 and install it on a usb then boot the laptop on the usb then install win8 once in win8 it should ask for a product key it should be on the botton of his laptop

  • starsky

    there no key for win 7 you can crack it with windowsloader programme

  • Richard Dube

    If i bought a brand new pc (let say a Acer or a Lenovo) with win7 64bits. Can i download the 32bits version (for compatibility reason) here and use my windows key wich come with the computer ?

  • working

    i need 32 bit is it both in this file or only 64 bit ?

    • You can get 32Bit version from 32Bit Tab

  • working

    is this activated version ot not

    • No you have to activate it with your key

  • John Cherish

    I have a good version of Windows 7 professional 32 bit DVD on order but I want to install it before the official disk arrives I already have the Activation Key all I need is the disk. I have downloaded versions of it prior to this and installed on my Virtual Machine only to find the versions I downloaded had rootkit trojans on them and thus were unusable. Does the 32 bit version you have for download have rootkits on it as well? AVG antivirus detected them in the 2 instances before. These were not downloaded from your site but from 2 different web sites also saying their ISO’s were virus free which they weren’t

    • We offered official untouched ISO. You need original windows activation key, we do not share or host illegal or crack copies of any software.

  • John Cherish

    It is of use if you have a damaged disk and want to install re-install on your machine AND you have the legal license Activation key to use with it. Any other use of them providing an activation key would be software piracy and illegal

    • You are right, you need activation key for this package

      • Nakurai

        not to mention this works great for OEMs! kukuku

      • Arshad Rahim

        how to get the activation key

  • Midian Nabwani

    i got the file but when i opened it up it says that this is a win home prem not pro can you please share link for the pro v?

  • CWM

    I have a window 7 home activation code for my Dell computer. 3 months after upgrading to windows 10, I want my win 7 back. Can I use the original win 7 code for 1) windows 7 home or 2) windows 7 Pro?

  • kshitij

    what is the size of the iso file?

    • 64Bit Size = 3.09 GB
      32Bit Size = 2.38 GB

  • Robel

    i download windows 7professional 64bit, can u advise me how i wil install in lenovo z500 laptop
    from usb.becoz my laptop is dos..and also do i need active key?with out key can i install..
    waitng for ur kind answer…

  • Travis Trapani

    Wow horrible download speed….5 days?!?

  • sinu

    pls hefp me window 8.1 activation key

  • Conc

    Can i use this with a Virtual machine ?

  • David Ipek

    U can skip the activation key mate!

    • Csirura-csan

      Really? How?

  • Gilbert J. Straight

    Oh…BTW Everyone need’s to upgrade their Internet Explorer (IE) to IE11 and that will solve the Issue with the Updates. Very Important that everyone knows this.

  • Matt Hucker

    great, very thanks!

  • Hi Eric, many people download this every day and no one complained like this. I’m not suggesting that you are wrong but please re-download this and see if the problem remains.

  • Billy Chen

    I got the same error too.

  • Sarun Rajasekhar

    i have my hp laptop whith win10 installed how can i use product key for this
    i want to change to win7 32 bit .can i ?

    • Yes you can but you should keep win 10.

  • Nickolas Nery

    muito bom valeu mesmo eu tava precisando atualizar o meu windows xp.

  • Viesturs

    To my great surprise this download turned out to be real, legitimate, unmodified Windows 7 ISO!

    You can check the SHA1 checksum after downloading this and compare with official Microsoft lists here:
    (press on ‘details’ and one of Windows & Professional 64bit versions has the same SAH1!)

    Thank you very much guys, I was looking for this for a long time as Microsoft won’t allow me to download ISO from their site with my product key as it is from OEM.

  • Arshad Rahim

    do they ask the product key to activate this os

  • gerfex

    i dont know why im getting error and stops, then try to dl again and continue from where it stops

  • Saksham Arora

    Can it be used without product key ?

    • Yes

      • tian

        Can you help me how to get the product key

  • Devgopal Das

    it is 30 days trail

    • Yes but you can use it after trail ends

  • Kai Hao Choong

    where to install the latest windows 7 support software from apple??
    The software from bootcamp assistant is not working~ help~~

  • Rancho Preysler

    is there anyone who tell me that ..where I can get the windows 7 professional product key???

    • Microsoft


  • Clovis

    Guys the download speed depends on your internet connection, these files are Image Files and are huge, some of them are 3GB and it will take a while for them to download them, also they do not come with a Windows Key, we have to assume that you have your own key or that you had purchase the key, example, if you have windows 7 pro, you want to download windows 7 pro, reinstall windows, and them put the Windows Key that came with your machine there, if you run into any issues contact Microsoft and let them know this is the same PC with the Same Key you are just installing the OS.

    You can’t install windows 7 pro on a Windows 7 home basic and put the Windows 7 Home Basic Key that your computer came with, it will never work, unless you have windows 7 pro key from somewhere else.

    My Example:

    I had a Windows 7 64 bit OEM Home Premium.
    Downloaded the Windows 7 pro 64 bit ISO and installed it on my machine, it did not work because my key is for Home Premium, so i got a Windows 7 pro 64 bit product key i found ;) and wala !!! it worked !

  • Ramakant

    rply pllzzz…..

  • David

    Thanks for the useful info.

    I downloaded the Windows 7 Pro x32 iso file from the website , but it doesn’t seem to be genuine.

    I checked the file integrity using the SHA-1 hash.

    The file I downloaded returned the hash:

    SHA-1: a3fdebdcddb115524536841ee8b9cf803837903a, but according to Microsoft it should be

    SHA-1: D89937DF3A9BC2EC1A1486195FD308CD3DADE928.

    Can you comment on this, please?

  • Naldy Hotang

    full product key ???

    • Azam Sher

      please type product key in google search engine and click 1st link for key

  • Bala Murugan

    Please do not download from this website. When the download reaches 75% you will be prompted with download error. Authentication failed invalid user name and password. Time waste.

  • kima

    i reformat my pc with this win 7 ISO and it really work, thank you. but my problem is i dont have a license.. i only have 15 days left before it expires. PLEASE HELP ME FIND ME A REALLY WORKING KEY FOR THIS WIN7 ISO. THANK YOU MUCH..

  • John King

    I downloaded Windows 7 Professional 32-bit and Windows Ultimate 32 bit burn them both to DVDs I put them in my laptop and they would not start up Then I was told that I had to add something called boot sector to it I tried that it still didn’t work I have an all-in-one ISO burner I have a Windows ISO burner and and while they won’t start and fortunately for me this is not my first time dealing with ISO I went to school for network security my Windows 7 Pro 64 on my desktop is Iso I’ve never had a problem with it so there is something wrong with something in the software or it could be too much traffic where I have to download it but any help would be appreciated thank you

  • Jeramy Gilman

    Nice post, Windows 7 pro is the most recommended OS to do almost all work, So I recommend you to activate your existing OS being purchased its license code from ODosta Store
    Which is distributing license for all types of Microsoft Products with good customer support. I personally used it and have a good experience.
    Upgrading your OS to windows 10 can create some technical issues, So I recommend you to have clean installation of Windows 7 windows 8 or Windows 10 and activate it via legal license.

  • true

  • Haris Jutt

    sir where is product key


    can you comperess it?

  • Celestino

    On my Dell laptop I accidentally loaded w7pro from my hp desktop’s disc. Now my Dell doesn’t read the network adapter. Would this help?

  • Ismail shah

    How I can download windows 7 pro iso file with “idm”
    plz tell me

    • Ebie

      Just go to the web search and type: Windows 7 Professional Full Version Free Download ISO [32-64Bit]

  • Hitesh Parmar

    hi when its restart just remove pendrive and re insert when its shows start windows ..u need to do every restart….best of luck

  • Willian Costa

    Include Português – BR language?

  • newton

    is this legel

    • Yes 100% when you put your Own Serial key it make it legit

  • Murugan S

    is this untouched iso from microsoft?

    • Yes untouched ISO u need product key to activate

      • Murugan S

        Thnks its working fine

  • محمد علام

    Please i want to copy 7 iso fast

  • Attagasam Aalam

    recovery your pc could nt startup properly